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Signs and plates

Signs and plates, as well as advertising signs, are very versatile. They can be used both indoors and outdoors in the short and long term. Below you will find various options for using signs and plates. You also have many more options. Our customer advisors will be happy to advise you and plan your next project with you.


Company signs

With the right company signs, you will leave a long-lasting impression on your customers. They provide orientation in the company building and also enhance its appearance.


Construction signs

The construction site is there, so you can use it directly as advertising space. Place construction site signs that provide information and/or communicate your advertising message to passers-by.


Advertising boards

Customized in shape, size and motif, your advertising board will attract attention. In addition to conveying the advertising message, it can also serve as a design element.

Bandenwerbung Bannerwerbung

Board advertising

No matter how big the sporting event is, board advertising is almost never missing. Board advertising allows you to reach a large audience, and many companies also like to use it for sponsorship.


Facade signs

In addition to facade banners, facade signs are a great way to draw your target group’s attention to you.

Infotafel Schilder und Platten

Information boards

Information boards are useful guides or provide information about opening times and/or the exact location. A high-quality way to bring your target group to you.


Fence signs

Just like the construction fence, a normal fence can also be used for outdoor advertising. We print your advertising on a fence sign.

Schilder und Platten konturgefräst

Contour-milled signs

Signs don’t always have to be square. We mill your sign into a special shape that stands out from other signs.

Schilder für Wanderwege

Signs for hiking trails

Anyone who enjoys being out in nature will be familiar with them: signs pointing the way or providing useful information on flora and fauna.

Materials for signs and plates




Aluverbund Platte

We offer our boards in various thicknesses. You can also choose between foil-laminated panels and direct panel printing. Simply contact your personal customer advisor for more information about our materials and products