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Ceiling banner

No matter whether at trade fairs or in shopping centers. With high ceilings, ceiling banners or ceiling hangers are perfect for attracting the attention of the target group. We offer you many different options for manufacturing your ceiling banners individually and in large quantities.

Deckenhänger Banner

Ceiling hanger

These hangers are simple but effective. We print them for you on various materials, and even large quantities are no problem. Length and width vary according to your wishes.

Deckenhänger rund

Round ceiling hangers

We order the system of your choice for you and deliver the matching print directly with it.

Deckenhänger Quadratisch

Square ceiling hangers

We also print banners for square systems for you. They look great at trade fairs. Please visit our reference page to see these ceiling hangers live in action.

Materials for ceiling banners

PVC Plane 610 g

PVC Plane



Simply contact your personal customer advisor for more information on our materials and products.