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Flags are great advertising materials for outdoor use. With the help of flags, you can draw attention to yourself from afar and share your message. There is a wide range of flags and, in addition to the normal hoist flags and feather flags, beach flags are also popular for POS and POP.


Hoist flags

Hoistable flags can be printed in both vertical and horizontal format. They work particularly well in windy areas, such as industrial estates with plenty of space between them and the nearest building.


Feather flags

Feather flags are attached to the flagpole at the top using a hemstitch. This makes the message clearly visible even in light winds.


Beach flags

Beach flags are available in different sizes, depending on how visible you want your message to be. The classic beach flag has a teardrop shape, but there are many variations.

Case Study

We also use flags for our public image. In this video, we show you how we produce the flags.

Materials for flags





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