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Illuminated advertising

Bright illuminated advertising showcases your product impressively. Whether by day or by night, indoors or outdoors: illuminated advertising attracts everyone’s attention. Contact our customer advisors to find out everything you need to know about illuminated advertising and illuminated systems.


Backlit Frame

Indoors, backlit frames ensure a strong presentation of your advertising message. Illuminated frames are wall-mountable.



You can cover both sides of this display with a motif and backlight it. The displays are modularly expandable and portable.


Backlit Box

Printed on Tamba, your motif shines in the backlit box. The backlit box is for indoor use and can be used flexibly.


Trade fair systems

As part of trade fair systems, backlit textiles are a real eye-catcher and draw everyone’s attention to your trade fair stand.

Materials for illuminated advertising

Backlit Plane

PVC Plane



Simply contact your personal customer advisor for more information on our materials and products.