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Bigital Thinking Podcast FESPA Special – Part 3

The Bigital Thinking Podcast is a podcast, where our CEO Eric talks to interesting people from the printing industry. At FESPA 2022 we recorded a special episode and interviewed visitors and exhibitors live at the fair.

The podcast is in German but our international guests speak English, so we mark the time stamps in the text and you can listen to the original audio. We also link to each guest’s LinkedIn profile here in case you want to network or learn more.

Fespa Podcast Teil 3

Volker Müller – Managing Director at UVM Inkjet Systems

Eric: Hello Volker. It’s been a long time since you’ve been to a trade fair in Germany. What do you think about it?

Volker: I think that everyone who is here at the fair is incredibly happy to simply see the industry alive again. With a lot of positive energy and that it can simply take place again.

Eric: I met you at the Liyu booth. What are you doing here that is exciting?

Volker: Liyu is one of the hidden champions in large format printing and sells about 12000 machines per year in Europe.

Eric: 12000 sounds a lot.

Volker: It is a lot and my team and I are now building up the German market for Liyu.

Eric: What are your expectations and wishes for the last days of FESPA?

Volker: It’s a bit quieter today, tomorrow it will probably be even quieter, but the first three days were sensational. The starting day was incredibly good. I think the industry expects a lot. From the end customer, from people like you who say „when are you going to invest?“. I have my doubts that these great expectations can be fulfilled. I wish it for everyone, but I think caution prevails at the moment. The order books in the printing plants are full, but then we have the summer and nobody knows what will come in autumn and winter. I think people will still hold back a bit. Especially when it comes to big investments in hardware. I would wish it, but I think it will be restrained. If we look at the supplies area, at the moment it’s a question of who can deliver what and not a question of price, which we usually have. I think the fair was good and important. I don’t have big expectations for the next two days, but overall it was great to see you all again.

Eric: Thank you very much for the interview Volker and have a great fair!

Volker: Thank you, Eric.

Gregor Kostrzewa – Business Development Manager at antalis

I am responsible for the development of visual communication. At the moment we’re just overrun and it’s good that everything reminds us of earlier times and that the last two years are over. Nice to see you all again at the fair, it’s really fun right now.

Eric: You said it, no fair for a long time. What is your impression of the atmosphere?

Gregor: The atmosphere is sensational. People are looking forward to each other. Everyone is hugging each other again and it’s like a small party where the family has met again.

Eric: A big family.

Gregor: Yes, a big family. 

Eric: What are your wishes for the last two days?

Gregor: Just to put a smile on people’s faces, to encourage them and say „we rock this“.

Eric: Thank you, Gregor!

Gregor: Thank you, Eric!

Roberto Zinser – Key Account Manager at swissQprint

Eric: How is it so far? Trade fair in Germany again.

Roberto: Absolutely brilliant. We are really pleased to be able to have a trade fair in Germany again. In general, to be allowed to have a trade fair again. Last year in Amsterdam we already had a start with the first FESPA, but now we are really happy to be here in Berlin. The customers are all in a good mood, we are in a good mood. We are happy to introduce a new family member in our portfolio. Our new high volume printing system the Kudu. In Berlin we found the perfect platform for the presentation.

Eric: You have already mentioned the Kudu. What can it do? We have just had a look at it and it is relatively extensive. Maybe you can tell us three or four key points that make it stand out.

Roberto: With the Kudu we combine the best of two worlds. We combine high-speed printing at 300 sqm per hour with a very high print quality and all that with versatility by implementing ten independent colour channels in the press. The best of both worlds. Many applications, super quality and top speed.

Eric: Roberto, what are your wishes for the last 1-2 days?

Roberto: My wishes for today and tomorrow are to continue having super good conversations and great contacts. It’s really fun to be here!

Eric: Thank you, Roberto!

Roberto: Thank you, Eric!

Patrick Schröder – Sales at GOF

I am mainly responsible for Eastern Germany and my father drives from Bavaria, Baden Württemberg, Switzerland and I am responsible for the remaining part upwards. It’s not the classic sales force that you’re used to. We make the offers, the prices, take the orders. In other words, the all-round package.

Eric: How is it for you to be at a trade fair again after this relatively long break? Are you satisfied? What do you have new?

Patrick: I am very satisfied. Apart from the very good frequency, the fair is an emotional topic. You look forward to it again. We had FESPA in Amsterdam, but I wasn’t there myself. That’s why I was really looking forward to Berlin. I was still a bit groggy from a bachelor party at the weekend.

Eric: There’s a counter beer here.

Patrick: That’s exactly how it is. And when the dad is with us, that’s how it goes. It’s very nice to be here again after such a long time and to have personal conversations. What I also like is a handshake and a hug again. Everything that has been missing in the last few years.

Eric: You have a great stand. What new things have you brought with you?

Patrick: There is definitely some news. We started our own outfit in 2015, GTA, and since then we’ve been coating textiles ourselves. Something like 5.40 metres is possible because of that. Blackback. We have materials that are becoming more and more established and of course it’s fun because we can serve our UV customers. All the things that GOF hasn’t been able to do before. We had the sublimation customers. We are also strong in this area and have a steady presence in the German market. The UV/latex materials in 5 metres are new and we have a few new blackbacks with us. Kudos also to our management who put money into development and research during the pandemic and kept production going.

We didn’t expect what we experienced last month with the price increase and the fairs that are starting again. We have to give credit to our management for having really kept going. You always have to motivate each other. With you, I also have a customer who dealt with the issue in a slightly different way. I find the different people exciting anyway. It’s really fun.

Eric: What are your wishes and expectations for the next few days at FESPA?

Patrick: I just want to keep having great conversations like before. To meet nice people. There are also customers coming to the stand who I don’t know. Keep up the great conversations, keep up the great frequency, then I’ll be happy.

Eric: Thank you for the interview!

Patrick: Thank you!

Jeroen van Dortmont – Managing Director of Pixia

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Ben Wagner – Fat Cat Consulting Prague

Today is my penultimate day at the fair and I’m not really surprised that the place is crowded. The atmosphere is great, lots of interesting contacts and conversations so far. After three years of absolutely nothing, we are all happy to be together again and exchange a few ideas.

Eric: You’ve already mentioned that there are a lot of people. What do you find most exciting so far?

Ben: The most exciting thing is how most people have developed in three years.

Eric: Are you referring to my hair?

Ben: My compliments, Mr Bradatsch. The most beautiful thing is simply to see many people again after such a long time and to be able to talk face to face without being restricted.

Eric: What are your wishes for the last two days?

Ben: That a few more people stop by our stand and look in amazement at all the things you can do.

Eric: Thank you very much dear Ben and see you soon.

Ben: See you around.

Rafa Menendez – Head of Sales & Marketing at PLASTGrommet

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Michael Swillus – Key Account Manager at bergertextiles

Michael: We are happy that the fairs are taking place again. Great euphoria and joy here. A big topic is sustainable textiles made from recycled yarns, which is also a focus at Berger. 

Eric: After two years without fairs, how is the fair received by the public?

Michael: There is great joy and euphoria again. As you said, there were no fairs for a long time. Now we are back and you can clearly see the enthusiasm of the customers who visit us here. The conversations we have here are very pleasant and positive.

Eric: What is currently your newest and most exciting product for us as a digital printer?

Michael: New in the sustainable area is our lightbox fabric for direct sublimation, Lumina. This will be available in a recycled version from July. Made from recycled yarn from PET bottles up to 3.20 metres wide. This is also very well received by customers and we have already had great success with the product. There is also a new blackback made of recycled yarn, up to 5.05 metres wide. It’s called Mosaic Green. These are the highlights for us at the fair and we have expanded our portfolio in the sustainable area and now have 10 articles made of recycled yarn and it is also developing in this direction.

Eric: What are your wishes for the next two days?

Michael: I would like it to continue like this. The frequency is very good, great atmosphere and it can continue like this.

Eric: Cool, thank you very much!

Michael: You’re welcome!

Michael Ryan – Head of Global Development & FESPA Global Print Expo

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