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No industry can currently avoid this topic: sustainability. Advertising is a very resource-intensive business, which is why it is particularly important to create sustainable alternatives. In digital printing, a lot revolves around PVC-free materials, finishes, inks and sustainable production processes.

Nachhaltigkeit Zertifizierung


Our special materials. PVC-free, recyclable or made from recycled materials.

Did you know that around 340 million square meters of PVC banner material were printed in Europe alone in 2018? How much of that do you think is eco-friendly material? We don’t have an exact figure for you, but it’s very little to hardly any.

In addition to PVC banner materials, there are numerous other materials, such as vinyls, which makes the total consumption figure even higher.

We are always on the lookout for sustainable alternatives to conventional materials for our customers.

PVC-freies Material
Recycling Material
Luftreinigendes Material

Experience sustainability

The transition to sustainability in the printing industry is a process and we are on our way.

More than just material

Environmentally friendly materials are only a small part of our sustainability concept. Many processes at our site also contribute to this. For example, the heating in the company is powered by waste heat from regional farmers and the waste heat from the printing presses is used in production.

All power sockets are also switched off automatically and we recycle material waste and packaging material. The entire production chain is implemented at our site, which saves on travel and whenever possible we work with regional partners. There are also many other measures.

Sustainability is a large, comprehensive and, above all, multi-layered concept. Above all, it is a process in which more and more new possibilities are opening up and in which we are happy to continue developing.